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Hundreds of thousands of Australians benefit from salary packaging every year. Learn more about this popular way to get more out of your pay by watching our videos, reading up on how it works and using the calculator to explore the savings.

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You don't have to earn a lot to benefit from salary packaging

Most people can save tax by salary packaging a few everyday expenses. Discover how you can benefit too. 

Watch a quick salary packaging example

In the short video at the top of this page, you'll learn how two people earning the same income could end up taking home significantly different amounts. All thanks to salary packaging.

Get a quote on how much could you save each year?

At RemServ, we take the guesswork out of your new salary packaging lifestyle. Use our salary packaging calculator  to estimate how much you could save.

Read up on the benefits available 

Use the left-hand menu to explore salary packaging, how it works and what expenses could be packaged.

Packaging in your industry

Select your industry and sector to find out what you can package.

Salary package a car

Find out more about how a novated lease could save you thousands.

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What are the benefits of salary packaging?

Why so many people say 'yes' to salary packaging Employers offer salary packaging to reward staff for their loyalty and hard work. But not every em...

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