Benefits of outsourcing


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It makes sense to outsource your asset and fleet management requirements

Benefits of outsourcing with RemServ iStock_265 x 165 Outsourcing gives you more flexibility and allows you to manage your assets outside of your company balance sheet.

Reduce your costs and gain more budget control

We analyse your expenditure to identify hidden costs and areas for potential savings. Paying for vehicles or other assets with cash is not always the best use of your finances.

Access to tax and compliance expertise

We focus on minimising potential risks to your business. Our tax and compliance specialist help you manage your FBT tax requirements.

No more onerous paperwork

You'll never deal with mountains of fleet-related paperwork again. We manage everything from purchase, to maintenance and vehicle re-sale.

We keep your people on the road

Business wheels must keep turning. So we ensure you have suitable transportation at all times - including short-term vehicle hire and roadside assist.

We take our role seriously

Environmental scanning is part of what we do. Our tax and legal specialists keep track of legislative changes so your fleet policy is up to scratch.

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