2012 Federal budget

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2012 Federal budget

8/28/2015 4:10:58 PM

Attracting and retaining staff is vital to a business' success and a comprehensive benefits program, including salary packaging, can be an important tool in achieving this.
Offering a suite of employee benefits can help an organisation attract and retain key staff; ensuring workplace assets are well maintained and managed. It can benefit a business financially as well as contribute to the safety and morale of its staff.

But managing benefits programs and assets in house can be complex and onerous. Understanding tax and compliance issues, arranging maintenance, negotiating with suppliers, ensuring timely transactions and responding to employees' queries can detract from an organisation's core mission.

There are also significant tax and compliance risks in managing employee benefits and assets in house.

A well run, outsourced benefits program can be a solution to these issues, according to RemServ Managing Director Mike Salisbury.

"At RemServ, we are committed to providing specialist expertise and exceptional customer service across a comprehensive suite of workplace benefits. Our depth of care sets us apart - we can minimise any potential administration or tax headaches and we communicate with our clients' staff about all the benefits we offer."

"In short, we offer employees real benefits and genuine savings, and provide employers with a flexible and reliable program that is designed to meet ongoing needs," Mr Salisbury said.

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