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How are you attracting and retaining your best workers?

In a challenging economic climate, Australian manufacturers are faced with the issues of managing industrial relations, union interactions and occupational health and safety compliance. They also face the challenge of attracting high quality staff. Being able to retain a loyal and experienced workforce reduces training and recruitment costs.

Employee benefits

Employee benefits,  including salary packaging and novated leasing, can be  important  in recruiting and retaining staff in manufacturing businesses. Salary packaging adds further value to cash salaries, rewarding  employees for their hard work, without wage increases. Salary packaging is a factor for many manufacturing industry workers when they are looking for a new job.

How employees benefit

  • could save money on running a car with a novated lease and pay for fuel, car servicing and maintenance costs with a combination of pre-tax and post-tax dollars.
  • additional superannuation contributions
  • able to salary package tool of trade expenses or other work related items

More about our employee benefit programs.

Asset management

Australian manufacturers have large requirements for specialised plant and equipment. They cannot deliver their products on time if their equipment is unserviceable or needs replacing.  RemServ can arrange asset finance and management programs to help you reduce your replacement costs and get ensure the life span of your existing assets and equipment is effectively managed.

Good asset management can also help keep your employees safe, and help you achieve your production targets.

More about our asset management solutions.

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