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Bus travel details

When would you like to start salary packaging your bus travel expenses?

Please select a date on when you would like your bus travel benefit contributions to begin. This is the date we will start using your pre-tax funds to pay for your bus travel expenses.

Select the travel details that best suit your circumstances

To add the Bus Travel benefit to your account, there are set fortnightly contribution amounts you need to choose from. To assist you, please select the trips per week you take on the bus. Once complete, please select the zone you travel in. This will determine which fortnightly contribution amount you should nominate, based on your individual travel patterns.

This is the total number of trip’s you travel to work each week, where 1 trip is travelling to work one way, and 2 trip’s is travelling to and from work (a return journey).

What happens now?

After receiving your submission, we will increase your salary packaging contributions to cover the cost of your regular bus travel to and from work, based on the contribution amount you selected above. Please note your first contribution will also include your start-up fees, as well as your regular bus benefit contribution amount. For more information on the fees to salary package this benefit, please visit My Employer Hub .


Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By ticking the checkbox, you acknowledge your acceptance to the following terms and conditions.

  1. I will be issued with a single ‘Go Bus Travel Benefit’ card (Card), which is the only way I can salary package my bus travel (Bus Benefit).  I will take reasonable care of my Card;
  2. To be eligible to receive the Fringe Benefits Tax exemption associated with the Bus benefit, I must only use my Card for travel between my place of residence and place of employment on the TransLink bus network.  I must notify RemServ immediately if my travel patterns change;
  3. I am liable for all fares, fees and charges applicable to the use of my Card as outlined on Translink’s website (including the fares, fees and charges for a Card that is lost or stolen except after TransLink has been notified of such loss or theft);
  4. The only way to add funds to my Card is through my salary packaging account and any change to the bus fares will be automatically adjusted as part of my salary packaging arrangement;
  5. My Card cannot be used by any person other than myself and cannot be used for any other mode of transport;
  6. All invalid or unauthorised travel must be re-paid in post-tax dollars;
  7. My ‘Go Bus Travel Benefit’ card cannot go into a negative balance and can only be used when the card has a positive balance;
  8. My card may be suspended or cancelled if I do not have sufficient funds in my salary packaging account, if my Card has been misused or if I am on leave of absence;
  9. If I fail to properly touch on at the start of my travel or touch off at the end of my travel, the correct fare cannot be calculated and a fixed amount will be deducted from my Card and I forfeit any right to have the value on my Card adjusted to reflect the correct fare for the journey;
  10. If my Card is lost, stolen or I have not used the Card for 5 years (or such other period set by TransLink), I must immediately notify RemServ and TransLink.  Upon notification,  TransLink may close or cancel my Card and RemServ will arrange with TransLink for any balance remaining on my Card to be refunded subject to clause (3) above;
  11. I understand that I am unable to reverse the payment of any funds placed on my Card unless my Card is cancelled and any remaining balance is refunded by TransLink;
  12. TransLink makes no representation or warranty regarding any tax benefits or consequences in relation to the use of the Bus Travel Benefit Scheme;
  13. DTMR is not responsible for obtaining or ensuring compliance with any tax ruling or any fringe benefit tax exemption in relation to travel with my Card; and
  14. DTMR may, but is not obliged to, modify or restrict the operation of the Card to comply or ensure that I comply with any tax ruling or other requirement.


I acknowledge and agree that RemServ is not liable, for any amounts once paid to DTMR for the purpose of adding monetary value to the smart-cards.


I acknowledge that RemServ will handle my personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy (a copy of which can be obtained at http://www.remserv.com.au/privacy-policy).  I understand that RemServ may disclose my Personal Information to service providers (including TransLink).  I agree that TransLink may use my personal information to provide and administer the Card and bus travel.

In consideration for RemServ processing this request, by checking this checkbox I warrant that the matters set out in the scroll-down box above are true and I acknowledge and agree to the condition imposed by RemServ as set out in that box

Thank you.

We will be in touch with your employer to discuss how they can offer this benefit to their employees. If your employer chooses to offer this benefit, you will receive more information once it’s available.

Your request to start salary packaging the bus travel benefit has been submitted.

Thank you for submitting your request to start salary packaging the Bus Travel benefit. RemServ has received your request and we will start processing this shortly. You will soon receive an email confirmation to your nominated email address that will outline what happens next.

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