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Asset finance solutions to suit your business needs

When you take out finance that's arranged through RemServ, you can take advantage of our extremely competitive trade pricing and wholesale discounts.

Our dedicated leasing specialists are experts in understanding the needs of your business and tailoring an asset finance solution that is right for you. Our team will explore a range of vehicle finance options to determine the model that best fits your business' unique needs.

Some of the most popular finance options include:

  • Operating lease

We retain ownership of the vehicles, while your business pays a monthly allowance for exclusive use of those vehicles. This protects your business from financial risks associated with vehicle ownership, including depreciation and residual value. Furthermore, it removes the assets from your business' balance sheet and provides cash flow benefits.

  • Finance lease

Your business takes on the responsibilities and risks of owning the vehicle, but we maintain legal ownership for the term of the lease. This arrangement can afford tax benefits as the lease payments are usually tax deductible.

  • Sale and leaseback

This option allows businesses that already own their vehicles to experience the benefits of leasing. Through this process, a business can sell its vehicles to usand lease them back under an operating or finance lease.

  • Commercial hire purchase

We purchase a car on your behalf and hire it back to you over an agreed period of time. At the end of the period you take ownership of the car. The hire fees are usually tax deductable if the vehicle is used for business and the hire cost and interest rates are locked in.

Our operating and finance lease products can be structured to include a range of fleet management components in a single, fixed monthly lease payment.

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