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It is strongly recommended you consult a financial adviser to discuss if Salary Packaging is suitable for you. Financial advisers can be registered Financial Planners (FPA), Certified Practising Accountants (CPA), Chartered Accountants or National Institute of Accountants member (NIA).

Salary Packaging will adjust your salary amounts and may in some instances be unsuitable for some Queensland Government Employees. The Salary Packaging Bureau Service Provider maintains a list of financial advisers or you can consult a:

(a) Chartered Accountant;

(b) Certified Practising Accountant (CPA);

(c) Financial Planning Association of Australia licensed member (FPA); or

(d) National Institute of Accountants member (NIA).

RemServ strongly recommends that you seek independent financial advice before arranging salary packaging or novated leasing.

Register of Financial Advisers

For the RemServ register of financial advisers, please click on the link above. 


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