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Novated lease calculator

Calculator assumptions

Important information about calculations

All calculations on this website are for illustrative purposes only and use PAYG tax rates effective 1 July 2014.

Novated leasing calculations assume the employee contribution method has been used (pre and post tax funds). The estimated annual operating costs includes estimates of fuel, maintenance, tyres, registration, comprehensive insurance.

If you are an employee of a public health, charity or not-for-profit organisation, the calculator results assume you are salary packaging a novated lease above your FBT exemption cap limit.

An indicative annual vehicle management service fee of $275.00  (incl. GST) has been included in your operating expenses.  This fee may vary depending on your employer.
The amount financed includes a finance establishment fee of $350.00 (incl. GST) which is charged by the financier.

An indicative average administration fee of $220.00 has also been included.  This fee may vary depending on your employer.  Please refer to your employer's salary packaging policy for more information.  A copy of the policy may be obtained from your employer or by contacting RemServ on TBA.

GST of 1/11th is payable on your ECM contributions. Input Tax Credits (ie a refund of GST) may be paid to you as salary by your employer. State Stamp Duty rates apply. Tax, benefit & Medicare levy calculations are approximate, and assumes no other taxable income is received. HECS/HELP repayments and taxation surcharges are excluded.

Please contact us for an accurate estimate of your annual net benefit, leasing costs and the fees that may be applicable to you, or refer to your employer's salary packaging policy or employee guide.

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