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Fly-In, Fly-Out

2.4.8 Fly In Fly Out_090827 Maxxia - 141_265 x 165If you work in a remote area, (as defined by the ATO) you may be eligible to salary package the cost of airfares to and from your usual place of residence to your workplace with the Fly-In, Fly-Out benefit.

Note: the airfares must not be in respect of your associates, family or friends. The airfares must not be for holidays.

Who can package this?

Employees who work in a remote area away from their usual place of residence whose employer offers this benefit.

Log into My Employer Hub to ensure your employer offers this benefit.

How much could you save each year?

At RemServ, we take the guesswork out of salary packaging.

Use our salary packaging calculator to estimate how much you could save.

Ready to get started?

Already packaging - but now want to package Fly-In, Fly-Out benefits too?


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