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Service Promise

Our promise to you

Here at RemServ we believe you deserve the best customer service.  It's why we've created Our Service Promise.

For over 14 years RemServ have been working hard for employees.  Our Service Promise is our pledge to deliver the highest level of service each and every time customers deal with us.

Our Service Promise

We deliver on our promises listed below to provide the best customer service every time.

Same day applications

When you phone our Customer Establishment Team on 1300 73 66 62 to make a salary packaging application, we will:

  • guide you through our easy phone application process, and
  • email you on the same day with confirmation of your application.

Quick claims processing

When we receive your complete expense reimbursement claim, we will process it and arrange the transfer of your funds from your salary packaging account to your personal account. While the time taken for the funds to be credited to your account depends on the banks, we will:

  • lodge the transfer instruction with our bank ordinarily within three business days of receipt of your claim.
  • email you confirmation of the transfer on the same day.

Access to decision makers

Our Customer Care Centre will be available to you any time between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). When you contact us we'll always have a decision maker available to respond to your enquiry.

Fast response to enquiries

When you contact us by telephone or write to us with an enquiry, we will respond within two business days.

Your privacy

RemServ values your personal information. We will never provide your details to an unauthorised third party.

Customer Advocate

We take our responsibilities to you very seriously. If our normal customer care does not satisfy any concerns you have, you may request that your case be referred to RemServ's Customer Advocate.

The Customer Advocate maintains independence from RemServ's business operations and works for the McMillan Shakespeare group of companies. The Customer Advocate investigates and assists in the resolution of complaints where a satisfactory resolution could not be reached within agreed timeframes.

This service is easy to access and is free of charge. The Customer Advocate will respond within two business days of receiving your complaint. RemServ will accept and abide by the Customer Advocate's final recommendation.


(03) 9097 3758


If we get it wrong

At RemServ, we constantly monitor our systems and staff performance to ensure we provide the highest standards of customer care and deliver on Our Service Promise. However, should you experience RemServ care that doesn't meet the above, please let us know by emailing us at or calling us on 1300 30 39 40.

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