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How to attract, retain and engage your staff


Employees in today's job market demand more: a great work culture, recognition, flexibility, benefits and financial rewards.  

An employee benefits program could set your business apart

An employee benefits program could bring immense value to your business and staff.

Salary packaging and novated leasing are just two examples of tax-effective ways to reward your staff and supplement their cash salaries.

However, very few businesses have the time or knowledge to manage a comprehensive employee benefits program themselves.

They don't fully understand the complexities involved (such as FBT compliance obligations) - or they simply don't have the resources to administer and support it effectively.  

Outsourcing may be the answer

The good news is, by outsourcing the administration to RemServ, you can offer these benefits at no cost to your business. And with minimal fuss.

Find out how we could help you maximise staff engagement, retention and attraction with initiatives such as:

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How do you support our business in administering the workplace benefits program?

Your first three months include an extensive implementation program, where our specialists work directly with your Payroll, Human Resources and Financ...

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