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Save with salary packaging

Use our salary packaging savings tool to see how much you could save.

The industry sector you work in determines what you can salary package, and how much you can salary package. Select the industry sector that best matches your current employment from the drop down before you get started.

What can I salary package?

What you can salary package depends on your employer policy, and the industry sector you work in. Make sure you have selected your industry sector from the list above.

This is your gross annual salary before income tax is taken out.

This amount is the maximum amount you are allowed to salary package within the FBT exemption cap. You can salary package items such as your home mortgage, rent or living expenses within this cap.

You could spend your £9,095 cap on:

  • Mortgage Payments
  • Rent Payments
  • Everyday Expenses

Add extras to package

You could also salary package a range of additional expenses on top of the exemption cap. Check with your employer to see if these benefits are available to you.

What extras would you like to salary package?

You can salary package additional items only if they are approved by your employer. 6 Feb 2015

3. What things would you like to salary package?

Meal Entertainment and Venue Hire expenses are subject to a single annual combined cap limit of $2,650 per FBT year. This cap limit is in addition to your FBT cap limit for everyday living expenses.

You may decide to package just one of the benefits and the cap limit will still be $2,650 each FBT year.

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