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You could pay less interest - and own your home sooner

undefinedSalary packaging your mortgage payments could help you own your home sooner.

By contributing pre-tax dollars towards your mortgage payments you could reduce the term of your loan - and save on interest too.

What exactly can I package?

You can salary package both principal and interest payments. It's up to you.

Who can package mortgage payments?

To salary package mortgage payments you must be the owner-occupier of your home and work for a:

  • private or public not-for-profit hospital
  • charity or other not-for-profit organisation.

Still not sure whether you can package mortgage payments? Then simply log into My Employer Hub and refer to your Employer's Information Booklet.

An example: salary packaging mortgage payments

Joanne works for a not-for-profit private hospital and earns $65,000 a year (excluding super contributions).

She is considering salary packaging the maximum allowable amount of $9,010 towards her mortgage payments.

By choosing to salary package her mortgage payments (rather than paying for them from her post-tax salary) Joanne increases her disposable salary by $2,948 a year - or $113 a fortnight.

How much could you save each year?

At RemServ, we take the guesswork out of your new salary packaging lifestyle.

Use our salary packaging calculator to estimate how much you could save.

Ready to get started?

Already packaging - but now want to start packaging mortgage payments too?


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