Rewarding employees for the contribution they make to their community

The charity sector in Australia is fast growing, and the need to attract and retain greater numbers of skilled employees remains a challenge.

Employee benefits

Employee benefits, including salarypackaging, can be important in recruiting and retaining staff in the charity sector. Charity employees are often drawn to support social justice causes, but they still value incentives and rewards for their hard work and dedication. Employee benefits allow you to offer competitive remuneration packages without incurring extra costs.

A wide range of Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exemptions and employee benefits are available to charity employees.

How charity employees can benefit

  • salary package living expenses
  • dine out using pre-tax dollars with the Meal Entertainment benefit and Payment Card
  • benefit with holiday accommodation and event savings.

More about our employee benefit programs.

Asset management

Charitable organisations also have large requirements for specialised plant and equipment, as well as vehicles to support the delivery of services across metropolitan, regional and rural Australia. RemServ can help you by arranging the finance, maintenance and remarketing of fleet vehicles or arranging short term vehicle hire.

More about our asset management solutions.

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