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How are you competing to attract the most talented staff for your school?

Teachers' salaries are often the subject of public debate and there is an increasing gap between pay rates offered by state and private school s and tertiary institutions. It can often be difficult  for educational institutions to attract and retain high quality staff.

Employee benefits

Having a competitive edge over other institutions is key to attracting and retaining loyal and experienced staff for your organisation. A workplace benefits program, including salary packaging and novated leasing, can add extra value to your employees' salaries. This will help them to get more out of their pay without the need for a wage increase.

Your employees could increase their disposable income by thousands of dollars each year by salary packaging or taking out a novated lease.

How employees benefit

  • they could pay less PAYG tax when they salary package, so they have more money left to spend on other things.
  • they could save money on running a car with a novated lease and pay for fuel, car servicing and maintenance costs with a combination of pre-tax and post-tax dollars.

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Asset management

Reliable equipment as well as sufficient funding are imperative when it comes to keeping your organisation performing well.  When maintenance schedules aren't met, or equipment breaks down, it creates challenges and can impact on outcomes.

RemServ can arrange asset finance and management programs to help you reduce equipment replacement costs and help you manage the life span to your existing assets.

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