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How does salary packaging work?

Salary packaging a car

Salary packaging a car is a popular and tax-effective way to help get the car you want.

How it works

This three-way agreement between you, your employer and your financier, means you can pay for your lease payments and car running costs using pre and post-tax funds from your salary.

You could choose to lease:

  • a new car
  • a used car
  • or your existing car.

Some conditions and fees apply, along with credit assessment criteria.  Novated leasing is also dependent on your employer's approval.

What are the benefits

The many benefits of a novated lease include:

  • Save on tax

With a novated lease, you make the lease repayments and pay for the running costs with your pre and post-tax dollars. Plus, if you choose to lease a new car, you don't pay GST on the purchase price. So you save 10 per cent instantly.

  • Save on running costs

With a novated lease, you could pay for the cost of things like fuel, tyres, maintenance and insurance with money from your pre and post-tax pay - and save.

  • Budget management

Your running costs are broken down into manageable monthly installments, rather than large lump sums. This means you won't have to find funds to pay for large bills like insurance and registration throughout the year.

Finding your next car

Let RemServ know the make, model and colour and we can find the car you want using our nationwide networks and competitive buying power.

Call us on 1300 73 14 29 or complete our online enquiry form

What's included

Personalised budget

We work with you to tailor a personalised budget to suit your needs using pre and post-tax dollars to include:

  • car finance payments
  • insurance
  • fuel
  • vehicle maintenance
  • registration
  • scheduled servicing.

End of lease options

You can choose a novated lease for anywhere between one and five years.  Once your lease ends, you have the chance to upgrade to a new car.

Your options include:

  1. Upgrade to a new car - we can help you to trade in your current vehicle and pay any remaining amount owing.
  2. Refinance your vehicle - you could extend your current lease by refinancing the residual amount.
  3. Payout the residual - if you're not interested in a new car or extending your current lease, you could purchase your current car by paying the residual amount.

 How much could I save?

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