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How do you communicate with my employees?

RemServ offers a range of communication tools to help educate and inform your staff about their entitlements. This includes face to face education (with onsite information sessions, expos and personal consultations), online education campaigns and printed materials such as Fact Sheets, posters, newsletters and banners.

Staff with online access can learn how benefits can help make a difference to their lifestyle in our regular Benefits Bulletin, receive special campaign offers, use our savings calculators or log into 'My Account' for personalised, secure account details and messages.

We also publish easy-to-read articles about salary packaging in your company publications, intranet or other available channels.

And if your employees do have a question, they can call or email our experienced consultants who are more than happy to help.

RemServ's education materials are fully compliant with relevant consumer laws and are produced by professional designers and communicators. There are no extra costs for any of the materials we distribute to your employees - it is all part of our service.

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How do you manage risk?

It's our duty of care to:

  • Ensure your data security through our IT systems.
  • Observe all ATO tax rulings in relation to FBT concessions.
  • Ensure scheduled payments not interrupted in the event of a natural disaster ( we maintain access to disaster recovery sites)
  • Retain comprehensive insurance with a high level of protection.


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How do you support my employees when they sign up?

Your employees will receive a welcome letter detailing their chosen benefits, scheduled payments and their 'My Account' Username and password.

They have direct access to trained Customer Care Consultants who can answer questions about their account, process claims, apply amendments, provide general information and are authorised to resolve complaints, where possible, on the spot.  

New starters  to salary packaging receive customer education to help them prepare for the end of FBT year, including how to  make the most of their cap limits (for health and charity employees) and when to lodge their odometer reading (for novated lease customers).

RemServ provides regular account information directly to customers and our team send confirmation emails when claims have been processed.

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How do you support our business in administering the workplace benefits program?

Your first three months include an extensive implementation program, where our specialists work directly with your Payroll, Human Resources and Finance teams to ensure our people and systems are fully aligned and our program runs smoothly from day one.

Following this you will continue to have direct contact with your Relationship Manager, RemServ's Client Relations Team and experts in HR, Payroll, Finance and Tax.

We hold regular progress meetings with you (with set targets and evaluation measures in place).

Our KPI reports include data on your participation rates, customer service levels and our processing times.

You will also receive a wide range of tax and financial reports to meet your accounting needs.

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What are the steps involved in launching a new workplace benefits program?

Step 1
Contract agreement and bank account
Once we receive your signed contract, we set up an employer account to manage employee transactions.

Step 2
Implementation and policy definition
We will meet with you and advise on the available benefits and eligibility criteria you may wish to impose.

Step 3
Education and communications
We prepare a launch and ongoing communications plan and 12 month schedule of activity for your approval, based on your chosen benefits.

Step 4
Launch activity
We schedule information sessions and other on-site activities to introduce your benefits program and explain to employees how they could start saving!

Step 5
90-day monitoring period
Our Implementation Team will support you throughout this phase and then you'll receive ongoing support from your dedicated Relationship Manager, Client Relations, HR, Payroll, Finance, tax and communication specialists.

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What do you charge for your services?

Your employees are charged a small fee for our services, which can be paid from their pre-tax salary.

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What sorts of administrative tasks do you manage for us?

RemServ is responsible for:

  • Setting up employee accounts
  • Processing benefit claims
  • Providing online customer account balance and transaction reports ( like online banking)
  • Managing customer account enquiries and resolving any disputes
  • Providing your Payroll, HR and Finance with a range of tax and financial reports ( ITCs, FBT liability, Taxable Value, Payroll Adjustment, Employer Refund, KPIs and Bank Reconciliation Reports)
  • Helping you manage your FBT (and proactively chasing up any outstanding amounts from employees on your behalf).
  • Launch and education programs for your employees.
  • Monitoring success of your benefits program ( customer service, participation and client reporting)
  • Applying any tax rulings or legislative changes to your benefits program for compliance reasons.
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